Building Business

North Augusta is an attractive area to build a business, from local small businesses to big corporate industries. Both residents and businesses located in North Augusta benefit from a healthy economy, an educated work force, and resident longevity in the community.

Top Employers in the Region


Savannah River Site is the largest employer in Aiken County with 11,200 combined employees through Savannah River Nuclear Solutions and Savannah River Remediation.


Bridgestone PSR Plant in Aiken County, which specializes in passenger and light truck tires, has over 1400 employees.


Kimberly-Clark Corp in Aiken County has over 1100 employees. They specialize in consumer paper products.

Top Employers in North Augusta


North Augusta’s largest employer. Established in 1960 and serving more than 100,000 members today, the financial institution demonstrates that business citizens share the same sense of place as residents.

Carolina Cover Tech

Is a contract manufacturer creating and producing unique solutions to covering, enclosing, protecting, and containing materials for medical, chemical, recreation vehicle, aeronautical and other industries.


Manufactures fluorochemicals, which include inert lubricants, aliphatic fluorochemicals for pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical manufacturing, inhalation anesthetics and other specialty products.


Provides services and products to anesthesia-related health care providers.


Is a railcar pooling business headquartered in Chicago, has a fleet of more than 220,000 railcars serving rail transport across North America. Southeastern Repair Division (SRD) North Augusta is TTS’s primary facility for conversion and modification work to railcars.

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