Leadership Development For Teens

Junior Leadership Academy (JLA) is a program designed to promote leadership development by helping teens identify their own characteristics, personality traits, and strengths to best understand how they can be successful in any area of their choosing.

The curriculum will acquaint participants with community needs, opportunities, challenges and resources. It will give them the tools to develop leadership, communication and team building skills and provide them with the channels to interact with students from other schools, community leaders and decision makers.


Program Objectives:

  • Encourage students to recognize and develop the skills needed for leadership potential.
  • Provide opportunities for a diverse group of students to interact with one another and with community leaders and decision makers.
  • Acquaint students with community needs, resources and other aspects of the greater North Augusta area.
  • Introduce students to emerging career opportunities by working with a variety of professionals. They will also discover what it takes to reach their goals and acquire some of the skills needed to get there.
  • Foster students’ interest in volunteer community service.